What happens to deactivated Ushurs?

If an Ushur workflow is “deactivated” and we accidentally use it in a message request what happens? Does the message fail?

Deactivating an Ushur only prevents you from launching it from the “Launch” Tab in the Ushur Dashboard. If you are using a CSV file to launch it from metadata, launching it via the rest API, or even jumping to that Ushur from another Ushur, it will still launch.

Is that what you’re asking about? Or am I thinking of it wrong?

@dustin.roberts that’s exactly what I was asking about, thanks!

So to be 100% sure, that also means that if a customer texts us the keyword associated with that Ushur, the workflow will still be triggered even though the ushur itself is deactivated. did I get that right?

@robert.howe - the surprising answer is ‘No’. To be more clear, if a customer texts with the keyword and the Ushur is inactive, then the ushur will NOT be triggered. Why?

First of all, this entire area of launching Ushur is undergoing some major enhancements. There will be an upcoming separation of published vs unpublished Ushur.

But for now, what I mention below is how it works.

Like @dustin.roberts mentioned, Ushur’s status of activated/deactivated will NOT matter when Ushur is being pushed via APIs. However, when doing an operation via Ushur Flow builder, the launching of Ushur will NOT be allowed on a deactivated Ushur. Operation via Ushur UI Interface is treated as a different operation than API based or CSV trigger based.

So why would a pull with keyword not trigger the Ushur when deactivated?

Today when Ushur is activated it implies it is published for the world! So the #keywords will trigger those Ushur. When deactivated it is unpublished and hence #keywords will NOT trigger Ushur.

However when it comes to API to launch an Ushur, the APIs are treated as a much faster backend operation and even a simple accidental deactivation of an Ushur can interrupt an ongoing API operation. Hence we chose that for API push, not to depend on the status of the Ushur.

Like I mentioned before, this is how it works today but with upcoming roadmap of activities around this area things will converge and get consistent. Hope this helps.

cc: @barry.tallis